National Association for Teacher Certification in Middle Eastern Dance

This page shows eclectic examples of what we look for

in the videos of your performance and student or troupe performances.

These are QuickTime files. If you have any trouble playing them download the free QuickTime player!

Miabella presents a spirited and playful choreography with her troupe the 'Antiqa Dance Company'.
Desdemona performs an Egyptian/techno fusion.
Mahmoud Reda presents Inas and Nesrin in an upbeat saidi choreography.
Z-Helene and Rick Fink perform a signature percussion piece.
Z-Helene combines Middle Eastern with lyrical modern in a dance titled 'Fire' performed by her students.
An award winning choreography by Cedena combining Middle Eastern with Ballet.
A short clip from Atea, a pioneer in instructional videos.
Shadia Dahlal presents a cane dance titled "Ghawazee'.
A short clip from Z-Helene's instructional Zill video.

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