National Association for Teacher Certification in Middle Eastern Dance

Certification process

   To apply for certification we will need:

   Your resume including all of your dance history- you will need a minimum of five years performing and two years teaching.

   Your course outline- it must be well thought out and reflect the standards of our board. The dance vocabulary you teach must be represented in your student choreographies.

   Your video- we need to see six things, One- a fifteen minute solo performance of you onstage or at a public venue. Two -a five minute or longer performance of you performing improv. This can be part of a larger show or it can be at a wedding, hafla, renfaire etc. Three- at least ten minutes of you teaching a class. Four- a beginner to intermediate choreography performed by your students. Five and six- two intermediate to advanced choreography performed by your students. The beginner to intermediate choreography may be performed at a class recital, the more advanced ones must be performed on a stage or at a public venue.
   The student choreographies must be performed with the skill and dance vocabulary appropriate to their level and your solo performance must be performed to national seminar teacher standards.

   In addition we ask for disclosure of any criminal convictions or adjucations you might have. Criminal convictions may be cause for denying certification or revoking certification.

   You will need to send three copies of you application and video to three different certifiers, contact us for their names and addresses.

   For more information go to our FAQ page.

   Include a check for $300.00.

   The review will take approximately one month. If accepted you will receive notification and a certificate through the mail. We will keep your video, resume and syllabus on file.

   If rejected you may appeal or submit your application again after one year. If you appeal the entire board will discuss your case and let you know their decission within two weeks. If you think there might be problems with your application for certification please contact us first.

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