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2005 Awards

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2006 results!

The Choreography Project competition and showcase was a huge success! The troupes involved really fired up and everyone was impressed. Mahmoud Reda spoke highly of the skill and choreographic ability of the troupes and agreed to come back again in 2006 to judge and teach!

  Here are the winners: First Place, small troupe goes to Zahara Al Jinan. Second place small troupe goes to the Tribal Roses. Third place small troupe goes to Talameze Tambra.

   First place medium troupe goes to Egyptian Connection. Second place medium troupe goes to Mirage. Third place medium troupe goes to Crescent Moon.

   First Place large troupe goes to Wings of Isis. Second place large troupe goes to Dream Harem. Third place large troupe goes to Solange.

   Honorable Mention went to Akasha Winds for use of Comedy in a Choreography, to Al Shems wal Aamr for Innovative Veil Choreography, to the Hip Bellyettes for Best Young Troupe, and to Troupe Eshta for Innovative Choreographic Construction.

   The grand winners were the Wings of Isis.

   Vashti and Z-Helene gave guest performances

   What was really exciting was the range of styles represented in the competition and the fact that several extremely creative dances won awards. Foremost was Zahara al Jinan- starting with a folkloric structure they created a wonderful fusion that won first place in the small troupe category. Dream Harem performed a fan choreography reminiscent of Busby Berkley that took second place in the large troupe class and the big winners of the competition were the Wings of Isis who proved that a large troupe can also be composed of skilled soloists.

   Having Mahmoud Reda as lead judge contributed greatly to the success of this event. Mr. Reda has a discerning yet gracious eye and he loves innovation when performed well. Not surprisingly some of his personal favorites included both tribal and fusion choreographies.

   The next step is to start shooting the Wings of Isis instructional DVD. It is time for troupes to be recognized for the excellence they bring to our dance scene!

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Wings of Isis

Talameze Tambra


Tribal Roses

Crescent Moon

Zahara Al Jinan


Egyptian Connection

Dream Harem


Al Shems wal Aamr


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