The Choreography Project for Middle Eastern Dance
Second Annual Troupe Competition
2006 in Austin, Texas

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2005 results!

The second annual Choreography Project competition and showcase was a wonderful success! The choreographies presented showed an even greater range than the first year and once again Mahmoud Reda has agreed to come back to teach and judge in 2007.

   We have also had two regional competitions this year. One in Dallas, Texas under the direction of Tambra and one in San Diego, California under the direction of Morwenna Assaf. Next year we plan to have more in other regions of the country so this this will grow into a truly national event.

   We have completed the DVD for the 2005 winners- the Wings of Isis- and it is now for sale. We would like to become the main source for troupe choreographies in the US and abroad and create a body of work similar to that within the Ballet community.

   While awards are important in acknowledging excellence and helping to delineate the many directions in which our dance form can go it's equally important that we create a supportive and honoring environment for the many dancers who have put so much time and energy into this wonderful dance!

Here are the winners: First place, small troupe goes to Akasha Winds. Second place small troupe goes to Rakaset Maganeen. Third place small troupe goes to Talameez Tambra.

   First place medium troupe goes to the Purple Roses of Cairo. Second place medium troupe goes to Solange. Third place medium troupe goes to Egyptian Connection.

   First Place large troupe goes to the Isis Performing Company. Second place large troupe goes to Indigo Rose.

   First place in the duet category went to Star Dancers Ahaba and Mahsati. Second place duet went to Visions in Dance

   First place in the student category went to the Hip Bellyettes. Second place went to the Desert Flowers. Third place went to Z-Helene's student troupe.

   Honorable Mention went to Hawan Hindustani for innovative choreography.

   The grand winners were the Isis Performing Company.

   The Wings of Isis and Z-Helene gave guest performances


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Isis Performing Company

Talameez Tambra

Rakaset Maganeen

Purple Roses of Cairo

Visions in Dance

Indigo Rose


Egyptian Connection

Hawan Hindustani

Wings of Isis

The Hip Bellyettes


Akasha Winds

Star Dancers Ahaba and Mahsati

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